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Post  FloaterHD on Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:25 pm

Real Name: Blake

Age: 13

Location: Dexter, Michigan

How long have i been playing on this server: uhh well i have been here since about 1 month ago, if thats THIS server. but if your talking about since the latest video u put out then since then.

How often do i plan on being on THIS server: well about 4-5 days a week, but school and school work can sometimes overrule minecraft

Name any admins mods trusted players that would vouch for you: Well i dont know really many admins or anyone put i do know some non-admins trusted players etc. etc. that would vouch for me

Why do i deserve builder status: Because i love to build and i can make some pretty awesome stuff, i have made HUGE castles before (check xdynamic-channel for "Minecraft Castle" and i think that i am very good at building stuff, BUT im not good at mining so its hard for me to get the materials that i need which is why i think i should be a builder

How do you know i can be trusted: because i used to run a minecraft server, and i absolutely HATED it when people griefed. And i have never griefed in all of minecraft existence, and i wont ever. (I also hated it when people griefed the underwater tunnel that i made in the other minecraft server that you had a couple of months ago).


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