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Application for builder status | Quaddy Empty Application for builder status | Quaddy

Post  Quaddy on Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:05 am

Minecraft Name: Quaddy

Real Name: Steve

Age: 16

Location: Florida US

Ive been playing on this server for about a couple days now.

I plan to be on this server many times, although I cannot promise like anyone else that I will be on it everyday, because many teenagers have busy lives like mine.

I mostly just stick to my self and enjoy this server so im not sure if many mods would know me. But I respect every player in the server.

I believe I deserve Builder status because I can make very nice things such as shops, homes, historic sites etc.

I know I can be trusted because I will not only not grief but I will report any griefers and I believe just like most people that griefing is frowned upon. I would like to be apart of this server even moe than I am already. Please allow me to be a builder.

Thank You-

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